Other Rescues

This section is for Rescue Horses that are currently part of our rescue organization that are currently not up for adoption as they are in training, elderly or have medical issues.  They support the second part of our mission which is to educate the public on horse care and rescue in general.


Star was among 24 horses in Ashland, Ohio in December, 2007 that needed to be rescued. Star came to Angels Haven with severe malnutrition, and her hind feet had grown to 15 inches long, and were curled up. Her hind feet were so bad she was actually walking on her ankles and pasterns. She, like Eclipse, was covered in manure. Star wears a special type of horseshoe to try and help her feet. Star has made a full recovery but is not able to be ridden because of her rough past. Her ankles are much better. Star is lunged at a walk, trot and canter. When she is out she makes sure to get her running in, especially when you want to catch her! Star is not up for adoption, but she is currently being sponsored by Linda.



Squirt is an absolutely cute, strong, black mini horse. He has the bushiest mane and forelock, and sometimes it sticks straight up! Squirt was rescued by Angels Haven from an elderly lady who was unable to properly care for him, due to her inability to move around without falling. Squirt was brought to the Rescue, in hopes he would be a new friend and companion for Garnet, after she lost her brother Lucky Boy.

Squirt may only be 1/2 the size of Garnet, but he is very strong. He is able to lunge at a walk and trot, and loves to be brushed. One of Squirt’s favorite activities is running in the arena with Garnet. Squirt has made a good friend and companion for Garnet. We have hopes that he will be able to help with group activities. Squirt is now a friend of the Rescue and will not be available for adoption, however he can be sponsored.


 Thunder, the baby of Rain, is a mini-colt who was rescued by Angels Haven in 2009. He has recently been worked under a saddle at walk and trot, he is still a little uneasy about a canter. He is great on a lunge line. Thunder is not up for adoption, but is currently being sponsored by Sharon.


Rain is a mini-mare who is the mother of Thunder. Rain was rescued by Angels Haven in 2009. Rain is not up for adoption, but can be leased or sponsored.


Casper, a gelding, was rescued from a situation where there was no shelter, and he was not receiving proper food or hoof care.  He was very thin, but has been steadily gaining weight.  Casper is about 24 years old, an Arabian cross, and can be lightly ridden.  Casper is a favorite in our educational camp programs!  Casper is currently being leased.


Jackpot is a pony, and came to us with behavioral issues.  Jackpot is doing much better now, he can jump and is a solid pleasure horse for an intermediate rider.  Jackpot can be feisty, but is still a favorite in our educational programs.  Jackpot is currently available to be leased or sponsored.

Painted Glory

The newest addition to our Rescue family, Painted Glory was rescued in 2012 at 8 months old as she was being sent to auction.  She has a sweet temperament and we are enjoying getting to know her.  Glory is a well bred horse, her mom is from good reining stock and her dad has points on the pinto circuit and is double registered as paint and pinto.  Glory is not up for adoption, but is currently available to be sponsored.

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