Ohio’s Rescue Laws

To understand the horse rescue procedures in Ohio, you must know that Ohio has the worst laws governing rescues in all of the 50 states. Ohio State Law classifies horses as “livestock”, right along with cows, goats, etc. Fortunately, dogs and cats are governed by Animal Protective League’s (APL’s) and are considered pets. Horses are not governed by APL’s or ASPCA’s. Horses cannot be taken off of the property when they are in deplorable conditions or the person taking the horse can be prosecuted for theft.

Horses rescued in Ohio, unless the owner agrees to give the animal up, must be purchased at current market value. The purchase price to rescue an animal, along with vet care, shots, worming, floating of teeth, farrier care of feet, hay, grain, vitamin and mineral supplements, shavings for bedding, and equipment such as halters, leads, brushes, buckets and blankets is extremely costly.

Our horse rescue depends on volunteers and donations; volunteers to clean stalls and groom horses, a trainer to work with the horses, other volunteer initiatives, donations of horse supplies and monetary donations. Maintaining the rescue means having electricity, water, wheelbarrows, manure forks, and a tractor and dump truck to haul manure away. The average horse “poops” a ton a month! Thank goodness it compacts well – but with the environmental laws now it isn’t so easy to dispose of. Please call us if you are interested in removing the manure from the property – it makes great compost for gardens!

Angels Haven Horse Rescue is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and your donations may be tax deductible.

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