Horses’ Wish List

We Thank You for all your support in the aid and rescue of these beautiful large animals!

Halters – Either with a breakaway leather crown piece or all leather. Sizes range from mini, pony, and horse.

Lead Ropes – Cotton or nylon lead ropes, any color

Leather Lead Shanks – Leather with a chain at one end. Especially useful when holding a horse for vet care.

Ointments and Lineament’s – Antibiotic ointments for wound care. Lineament’s to rub in legs after workouts.

Fly Spray – Any of the natural ingredient ones. The fly season is long.

Salt Blocks – Plain white, red, or mineral. Horses have these available all year round.

Shavings – Bags of pine shaving for bedding the stalls. The horses each use 1/2 bag a day, and stalls are cleaned daily. With all our rescue horses we need bags donated or monetary donations for these all year long.

Hay – The Rescue Horses are fed a mixture of grass and Timothy hay (we do not use Alfalfa hay). Each horse eats 4 plus flakes a day, and a bale can have anywhere from 10 – 16 flakes in it.

Grains and Oats – The Rescue horses are fed on an individual dietary basis for their needs. Quantities and types of food vary from horse to horse, but we can always use a bag or bags of whole oats, steamed and crimped oats, strategy 10% sweet feed, Platform, and cubes of timothy/ alfalfa mix.

Treats – Carrots and apples are always welcome. They are also cut into pieces in their daily feedings. There are numerous varieties of horse treats in various flavors, such as; peppermint, licorice, carrot, carrot and oat, apple, apple and oats, etc.

Brooms – For some reason the brooms wear out quickly from all the sweeping of the barn aisles. We use small (house-size) brooms up to the extra wide broom size.

Paper Products – This would include plates, cups, napkins, bowls, paper towels, large and small sealable plastic bags, garbage bags, plastic knives, spoons, and plastic forks. We use these for our fundraisers and often times the plastic storage bags have feedings placed into them when another volunteer will be feeding the horses.

Large Plastic Muck Buckets – These come in so handy for placing loose hay from the bales, and “snacks” of hay for the horses throughout the day. They look like a large bushel basket with rope handles, but are made of plastic.

Horse Blankets and Sheets – We have a great inventory of extra large sizes, but are in need of mini, pony, and smaller horse sizes less then 74″.

Manure Forks – We have many manure forks that have some tines missing or have broken handles. We can always use more to replace the bad ones.

Barn Gloves, Disposable Gloves – Barn gloves are generally a “one size” fits all. They can be cloth with those little grippe dots on them or leather. Gloves are in use constantly, and many times a volunteer does not realize how much they save their hands. Plastic disposable gloves are used for treating injuries on horses, as well as rubbing lineament’s on horses legs.

Saddle Soap / Neatsfoot Oil – Cleaning products to keep our leather bridles, saddles, halters, and leads in good condition.

Hardware – As simple as this sounds, the number of hooks for use on stall doors, double ended clips, bridle racks, saddle racks, nails and screws of all sizes, and screw eye hooks. Many of the clips wear out or break, and replacements are always needed.

Raffle Prizes – We hold several raffle at our functions throughout the year. Various prize donations, small, medium, or large new items, or a basket made up of several items would also be a wonderful donation to help our rescue. We will be sure to announce and print up a card acknowledging your donation to the rescue. If you look in a horse supple catalog, go to a used tack sale, or have items of your own you no longer use, we can probably use them in our rescue.

Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions on items.

Heidi (440) 781-5060

Mindy (440) 781-5050

Also, if you order on the Internet from Country Supply, mention “Angels Haven Horse Rescue” and a percentage of the order is donated to us.

Thank you kindly from all of us and the horses at the Rescue for your donations!

Angels Haven Horse Rescue is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and your donations may be tax deductible.

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