Horses Needing a Home

As a Rescue we are approached daily by horse owners that no longer have the room, the time, or the money to continue to care for a horse that has been a part of their family.  We would love to be able to take in each and every one of these cases, but we must remain focused on our mission of rescuing horses from cruel and inhumane conditions.

In an effort to help these families find a new home for their loved one, we will be posting a listing here of horses in search of a new family.  If you are interested having your horse shown in this listing, please click here to fill out the required information that must be submitted.

Please be aware that Angels Haven Horse Rescue has not visited any of the following listings, cannot vouch for the accuracy of the provided information, nor does a listing imply an endorsement for purchase.  We are providing this listing as a service only.


Apache is approximately 13-15 years old, still a stallion, has had no shots, feet trimmed, wormed and no handling in a very long time. I am asking for your help in rescuing him out of this situation. He recently jumped the electric fence and was out along a St. Rt. highway. Fearing for the safety of others and his own safety his owner has decided to surrender him to a rescue. He does not have water on a regular basis and does not get fed but only on occasion. He mostly eats grass as his diet. It breaks my heart as to the lack of care that he has endured. Please help me get him out of here and live the rest of his life in a better place. He does have access to a barn but his pen has never been cleaned out. He has not been around other horses so I have no idea how he would be once he was gelded to be out with them. He has never been broke to ride and has been neglected for a very long time. As far as loading in a trailer for travel, it would be a chore and might require several people to help out, maybe even a mild sedation. He will come up to be loved on and can be very affectionate but also has an ornery streak in him. He does not wear a halter but was lead broke in the past. He stands around, my guess being 15 to 15.2 hands, he is not very big but needs a lot of TLC. I come from a family that loves animals and I showed horses professionally for 10 years. This guy has potential if only given the chance. What more can I say but please help me in a very big way. Contact: Mandi Ungericht 1-937-623-2621

Posted Aug. 1, 2014


Liberty is 20, Morgan, 14.2 hands. You can ride but she is stubborn needs good rider…friendly..likes attention. Never has bitten, kicked or bucked us. She needs a good home asap…my husband is talking about taking her to an auction…I’ve heard this place buys horses to ship out for slaughter…she is 20 but looks great and is healthy…she is a Morgan…friendly…just not broke for beginners…loves attention…please call to talk to me!
Thanks. Contact Darcy Verdier 937-726-3618

posted Aug. 1 2014

Horse needing a home: I have a horse i can’t really afford anymore and i want her to go to a good home. She is a 19 year old chestnut racking horse which is a gaited breed similar to a Tennessee walker. She has been showed mainly in jumpers and the past few years hasn’t done any showing but has been ridden often. She would make anyone a great first horse. She’s been ridden on trails, on roads, at shows, etc. She can be a little high energy when it gets cooler but isn’t hard to handle. Contact Morgan Bower

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