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Abused and Neglected Horses

If you have ever seen an abused or neglected animal you probably had a mix of emotions and you probably wanted to help the animal. With small pets like dogs and cats it is pretty simple; with horses it is increasingly difficult. Here at Angels Haven Horse Rescue our goal is to save and many times purchase as many unfortunate victims of the horse world as we humanly can. We strive to rescue, rehabilitate and provide a good home for animals whenever and wherever we can. To that end, we will provide care for abused, abandoned, neglected, aged and unwanted horses or those horses that can no longer be cared for by their owners for whatever reason. We accept them in any condition and do everything in our power to provide them with love and much needed care.

Most cases of neglect and abuse occur when a person no longer has the means to take care of the animal or just did not have the education and understanding from the beginning. Below is a story as such:

If you know of a horse that needs help, please call or Email us. We will do all we can to make the life of that horse a good life.

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“One more horse saved, is one less horse being slaughtered.”

 Equine Slaughter

Horse slaughter does happen. It happens every day. The horses that are slaughtered are not limited to old horses. Actually there are horses as young as 1 week old that are slaughtered. The horses are not killed in a humane way. A nail gun is used to shoot a bolt into the heads of the horses. This does not always kill then instantly. Some of them are still alive while they are being slaughtered.

Nearly 100,000 horses are slaughtered every year in the United States, and are used for food outside of the United States. Below you will find links to facts about horse slaughter. We have also included some links to site that sell products made from the slaughtered horses. Some of these items are very graphic, but please at least take the time to read the facts so that you are properly informed about horse slaughter.

We at Angels Haven Horse Rescue are trying to do our part to save some of the horses from this type of death. Even an older horse that needs to be put to rest deserves better treatment during transport and death. If this must happen to horses, we need to at least fight for laws limiting the way that a horse can be slaughtered. If a cat or dog were treated this way, there could be charges filed for cruelty. At this point, the horses don’t have anything to protect them from this.

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