Fallen Friends

To read a poem for comfort for our fallen friends, click here.


Garnet and her brother Lucky Boy (now both deceased), were rescued by Angels Haven in 2007. Garnet was a Welsh Mountain pony, and stood about 8 hands high. She was about 23 years old, and was chestnut in color, with some white markings on her legs and face. When she was younger, Garnet and her brother pulled a carriage for the Biltmore Hotel.

At the time Garnet was rescued in 2007, she had been tied to a tree, along with her brother. She was eating tree bark and dirt, and was malnourished and underweight. Some neighbors tried to help Garnet and her brother, and put them inside a garage. Unfortunately, the garage had pieces of glass on the floor. When Garnet and her brother were brought to the Rescue, after paying their owner $950, they were given a nice large, clean stall with a small attached paddock to go in and out of as they pleased. A healthy diet, with supplements, was fed and Garnet’s weight increased. Regular vet and farrier care aided in keeping her healthy.

Garnet was used for groups of Girl Scouts, Indian Guides and Princesses, Pony Parties, and other functions. She was used for teaching grooming, pony rides, and was not up for adoption. Garnet found a very loving home here at the Rescue.  She passed in 2013.


 Cappy (Cappuccino) was a Tennessee Walker.  He would have needed an experienced handler as he was a bit pushy at times, but Cappy did have a wonderful personality.  Cappy was diagnosed with lymphantitis or “elephant leg” condition on one of his hind legs.  This condition did not make him lame but was untreatable due to its advanced stage it was in when we received him.  Cappy was ridden at the walk, running walk and canter.  He was ridden both Western and English.  Cappy was a gentle giant and we loved him dearly.  He passed on in 2013..

   (Pictured on the Right)

Lucky Boy

Lucky Boy is Garnet’s brother. He was a Welsh Mountain pony, chestnut in color, with a few white markings. Lucky Boy was one year older than his sister Garnet. Lucky Boy also pulled a carriage at the Biltmore Hotel with his sister when he was younger. Lucky Boy was rescued by Angels Haven, after being found tied to a tree and very malnourished. After being rescued with his sister Garnet (see adopted horses), Lucky Boy shared the large stall and paddock with her. Like Garnet, Lucky Boy also helped with groups like the Girl Scouts, Indian Guides and Princesses, and Pony Parties to teach grooming and to give pony rides.

In April 2008, Lucky Boy passed away from natural causes, and was properly buried. After his passing you could see the loss in his sister Garnet, as she had spent 23 years with him. Garnet has now found a new buddy (Squirt), but has not forgotten Lucky Boy.



Freedom’s rescue case was a result of a call from someone who needed assistance with a twenty-two year old Belgian/Thoroughbred mare named Freedom. Freedom had been used as a work horse the duration of her life and at the stage we were notified had substantial damage to her hooves and legs. After visits with the veterinarian and an experienced farrier, it was determined that there were no options available to enable her to stand correctly or walk effectively. She was clearly in enormous pain and had been for a long time and Angels Haven needed to place her well-being first, do the humane thing and have the vet put her down. With several of our dedicated board members present and lots of apples prior to the procedure, she is now pain free and is resting in peace. We will remember her always as part of our organization and are glad that Freedom is now truly “free”.



Maynard’s rescue involved removing seven horses out of inhumane conditions where they were living in filthy stalls and left unattended for a substantial time frame. In conjunction with a local humane society, the rescue transpired in December, 2007. Since the rescue, these seven horses have had veterinary care, solid feed and vitamins and multiple feet trimmings. Most of their feet are getting back to normal with the exception of one. Unfortunately, Maynard had to be put down as his feet were too far gone to retrieve and the infection from them could not be reversed. We will always keep Maynard close to our hearts.


Stormy was the Rescue’s mascot. She was a dwarf mini. Her front legs, at the shoulder, bowed out some. Her head was the size of a pony, but her teeth were the size of a horse, and some of her teeth grew sideways in her mouth. The vet floated her teeth to help her chew. Story’s feet in the front were very deformed and curled. When she got her feet worked on she had to be laid down on her side and held tight, so the blacksmith could trim her feet. Stormy was unable to bend the knees and walks stiff – legged.

Stormy loved kids brushing her. She was so kind, and was in many parades and fundraising events. Stormy rode in a van in the parades so she didn’t have to walk. She got her mane and tail brushed and braided for her special appearances.

Stormy was rescued by being pulled out of a small pit of mud. She was so cold (it was winter time) and muddy, the Rescue had to put several blankets and a heat lamp on her to keep her warm. Stormy obviously survived, and became our special little girl. She had the cutest face hiding under all of her forelock. Her best horse friend was Ricky. He was rescued with Stormy, but was not in the mud.


Thor was a Clydesdale cross, who came to the rescue in 2010 nearly 1,000 pounds underweight.  He was suffering from anemia and needed red cell treatments and nutrition supplements.  He began to gain weight, but unfortunately the undernourishment and other issues took their toll and Thor passed away.

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