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Ricky is a kind gelding, chestnut in color. He has a beautiful long, wavy mane, tail, and forelock. It appears that Ricky’s hips and hindqarters were stepped on when he was born, but he also appears to have problems in his spinal column. He can walk, trot, and canter at his will, but is unable to be ridden.

Ricky is about 10-11 hands, and has a sweet personality. He gets a special supplement in his feed, which has allowed him to strengthen his hindquarters. Ricky would make an excellent pasture pal, and is being sponsored by Conni.


Eclipse was at a barn in Ashland Ohio, along with 24 other horses that were severely malnourished, underweight, and in deplorable conditions. She was rescued in December, 2007. Eclipse is 24 years old; when rescued she was covered with balls of manure over her entire body, and her mane and tail looked as if she had beads in them. Her feet were approximately 10-12 inches long, and curled up like elf feet. Eclipse was standing in a stall, along with another horse, supposedly her 2 1/2 year old baby Star, and both left to eat only moldy hay and the barn’s wood. Her water bucket was hanging outside of the stall, out of reach for her to drink. It took months and hours upon hours of working mineral oil into her coat, square inch by square inch, to remove all the manure balls.

Eclipse is a 20 year old beautiful bay with a white hind sock and white front sock with a white stare on her forehead.  She is 15.1 hands tall.  Eclipse has been given supplements to restore her health.  She has gained weight, has a beautiful coat, and her feet are looking normal, all because of properly maintained vet and farrier care and healthy feeding.

Eclipse enjoys being out in the pasture or arena.  She is available for adoption as a pasture buddy or companion horse but is unable to be ridden. She appears to have some nerve issues in her back and the weight on her back is irritated and sore to her.  She is very sweet.

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