Animal Friends of the Rescue



Scooter is an appaloosa, with an unusual tannish/ white color marked with brown spots and blotches, and is a 16 year old gelding. He stands about 15.2 hands, and was actually a lesson and trail horse at another horse rescue before he was adopted and brought to Angels Haven Horse Rescue. He has a wonderful personality, and we love sharing him at our Rescue events.



Katie is a black mare with white stockings, a white blaze on her face, and has the fullest tail around. She moves with grace and agility at the walk, trot, and canter. Katie was at another horse rescue and had a foot injury which is now completely sound. Katie was a friend of Scooters, and she is ridden English placing in some shows. You will see Katie at many of our events.

Lightning and Amigo



Lightning is a 1 1/2 year old mini, cream in color, with the prettiest eyes and eyelashes. He is a bundle of long hair, having to be clipped in the summertime. Lightning lunges at the walk, trot, and canter on command. His best friend and buddy is Amigo the mini donkey. Lightning is very loving and loves to give kisses to everyone! Lightning is one of our barn’s mascots, coming to us from Colorado summer of 2007.



Amigo is a mini donkey, filled with love, and lots of energy. His best friend is Lightning, the mini horse. One of Amigo’s favorite pastimes is running and chasing Lightning, never seeming to tire. He especially likes taking Lightning’s halter off! Amigo has lunged at the walk and trot, but definitely prefers running in the arena or outdoor ring. Amigo is a friend of the Rescue and is not available for adoption.



Storm is a 2 year old black and white, draft mix mare. She is not related to Chinook, but did come from the same elderly gentleman. Storm is a foal from a PMU mare. PMU mares (Pregnant Mares Urine) is used to make Premarin; a drug that is used to help women get pregnant. The mares are strictly bred constantly for their urine, and are kept in dark standing stalls and get no exercise. Generally their foals are destroyed, so the mare can be bred again. Storm is a foal that escaped from being put down. Her temperament is good, but at times, can be a little bossy. She can be seen at many of our events.



Chinook is a 2 1/2 year old mare, black and white paint and draft mix, and currently standing about 15.1 hands tall. Chinook was purchased by an elderly lady, who later passed away. Lacking knowledge and ability to care for Chinook, her husband decided that it was best to sell her. She is a favorite at Rescue events. 



Jake is an 18 year old black Tennessee Walker. His owner was going through a divorce and was unable to keep him. Jake has some leg issues with a sesimoid problem, and a bowed tendon on his left front leg. He has a very good nature, but is no longer able to be ridden. Jake is a great pasture buddy! In Jake’s beginning days at the Rescue he didn’t get along with the other horses, but now he is very friendly with them. He loves to roll when he is turned out in the pasture or arena.

Jake is able to do a flat footed walk and a slow canter on his own. You can see the twinkle in his eye when he “struts” and remembers his youth as he tries to show off.

 Ba Ba and Jaden

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