Adopted Horses

The following are horses we have rescued, and in some cases purchased, in order to take from harm’s way. 

Our first rescue mission – Snickers and Cocoa



Now 6 years old, this loving colt was one of the first rescues.  In February of 2006, the Rescue had received a call about rescuing a mare in deplorable conditions (see Cocoa below). Upon removing the mother from a stall piled several feet high with manure, a 2-week old colt was found alive under the mare. The colt was very weak as his mother was unable to nurse him. It was thought that he would not survive the night at the rescue. He was named Snickers, and he made it through that first night with bottle feedings around the clock.

Snickers is sorrel in color with a growing height at about 15 hands. Snickers has had extensive ground training, including “bomb-proofing” and “showmanship”, along with lunging. Snickers has also become a nice, rideable horse at a walk, trot and canter.  He has been known to go to local horse show benefits where he enjoys performing with his other four legged friends.  He is currently learning turns, circles, and serpentines, along with bending from leg pressure of a rider, at both the walk, trot and canter.  Snickers has been adopted.



Cocoa was the first adult horse to be rescued, in Feb. of 2006. She was found in a stall piled several feet high with manure. Her coat was so matted with manure it was hard to find her actual coat. Her feet were so long, they curled several times over, looking like elf feet. Cocoa’s feet were in such bad condition she could hardly stand, let alone walk on them. The owner of Cocoa demanded to be paid for her, otherwise he was going to shoot her. The Rescue paid for Cocoa, and upon getting her out of the stall, discovered she had a sickly, undernourished 2-week old foal underneath her. Cocoa is now a very healthy mare, about 10 years old. Cocoa is believed to be of Morgan breeding and is approximately 14 hands. When she was brought to the Rescue, she spent a lot of time lying down as her feet were in such bad condition. She has had extensive vet and farrier care, and is now a very healthy horse.

Cocoa has learned showmanship, lunging, and is ridden at a walk, trot, and canter. She attends local horse show benefits and enjoys being ridden. She is currently learning to jump with ground poles and cavalettis. Cocoa has been adopted.

Dynamite and Spirit



Dynamite was rescued along with Cocoa and her foal Snickers. Dynamite’s coat was caked with manure, and she was very underweight. Her feet were not quite as bad as Cocoa’s but she had scars on her hind feet from being tied up with ropes. When she was between 1 1/2 and 2 years old, she was apparently bred, as there was also a 2-week old paint filly lying underneath her (Spirit). Dynamite’s owner had also demanded to be paid for her as well or she would be shot, so the Rescue had to purchase these horses in order to rescue them.

Dynamite is a beautiful chestnut, with a white hind sock and a small white marking on her head, stands about 14 hands, and she is a National Show Horse. Dynamite had severe trust issues when she was rescued. She was very protective over her baby, Spirit, defending her with teeth barred at anyone trying to come to close. She was a good mother and was able to nurse Spirit, unlike Cocoa who was too weak in the beginning. Dynamite was very wary of anyone near her hindquarters, and would kick at anyone trying to pick up her feet. She had to be lightly tranquilized to have her feet trimmed. Now Dynamite is a pro and has overcome those trust issues. Dynamite has learned showmanship, lunging, and is being worked with a rider at the walk, trot, and canter.  Dynamite has been adopted.


Spirit is a 5 year old paint National Show horse, filly to Dynamite. She was 2 weeks old when she was rescued. It was also thought she would not make through the first night after her rescue, but with her mother’s help and assistance from volunteers, she did. One of Spirit’s front legs was very deformed and had to be in a cast for her first year. The vet would change the cast as Spirit grew, and now her leg is straightened and very strong.


Spirit is 14 hands and has beautiful action when she works. She knows showmanship, lunging, long reining, and is ridden lightly at the walk, trot, and canter. She is learning pattern’s at both the walk and trot. Spirit has been adopted.

(Picture Coming Soon)


Randy was rescued in a rather difficult situation, his owners had him on “crystal meth”. Randy is a dark liver chestnut gelding, about 13 hands high. He was given nutrients in his feed, and his dependence on the crystal meth subsided. Randy was under extreme vet care upon rescue.

Randy has become a very good riding horse, and a lot of children have ridden him. He was also used for group activities and riding for Girl Scouts, Indian Guides and Princesses, Pony Parties, etc. In the fall of 2008 Randy was adopted and is enjoying the outdoors and trail riding.


Jimmy is a 16.2 hand Thoroughbred gelding, chestnut in color, with white stockings, and a white blaze. Jimmy had raced, but one night he was loaded onto a trailer en-route for the slaughter house. The trailer made a stop over at the Berea Fairgrounds, when the Rescue was called. If the Rescue was to take Jimmy, it had to be before the trailer left in the early morning.

Jimmy was rescued – in generally good health, but underweight with little muscle tone. He was worked on the lungeline at all the gaits, and he did really well. Jimmy was adopted in the fall of 2008.



Malachi is a dark bay Thoroughbred who had raced. Malachi was also bound for slaughter, and was rescued with a severe case of rain rot on his coat. It took special nutrition and care to get his coat back in shape. Malachi has a wonderful personality, and really wonderful gaits, with the spirit of a Thoroughbred.

In the summer of 2008 Malachi was adopted. He currently lives on Kelly’s Island on a farm with other horses.  He is enjoying life playing with his buddy, Whippie,  a miniature shetland and his love,  Diamond, a female quarter horse.  He and his pals have an indoor riding arena to chase each other around in all day long,  and he goes out on his 6 acres about every other day.


Splash has been doing really well.  He enjoyed going to the fair last year, and looks forward to going again this year.  Currently he is being ridden by Alison, who has 7 years of riding experience.



Goldie’s rescue involved removing seven horses out of inhumane conditions where they were living in filthy stalls and left unattended for a substantial time frame In conjunction with a local humane society, the rescue transpired in December, 2007. Since the rescue, all seven horses have had veterinary care, solid feed and vitamins and multiple feet trimmings. Most of their feet are getting back to normal with the exception of one. Unfortunately, Maynard had to be put down as his feet were too far gone to retrieve and the infection from them could not be reversed. The manure-infested coats of the remaining six are now in good condition thanks to various volunteers and the care provided by them and our board of directors; Goldie has been adopted.


Prince is a handsome 10 year old 1/2 Arabian and 1/2 Appaloosa gelding. His mottled Appaloosa spots come out of his white coat. Prince was a trail horse in the mountains of West Virginia, where rocky paths and trails have put stress on his hooves. He was brought to Ohio for a friend to ride. He was taken to another stable, where he also had compatibility problems. The Rescue was called in to take him.Prince had been ridden in Virginia by a 6 year old boy and will make a nice 4H or trail horse. Prince is about 15.2 hands, and has a beautiful long whitish mane and tail. Prince has been adopted.


Troy an 11 year old gelding. Troy works well on a lunge line and is doing great in riding. Troy does great in english, western, and bareback. Troy is in drill team which is just learning patterns for more of a challenge for the horses. Troy has been adopted.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea was also in Ashland, Ohio with 24 other horses and was rescued in December of 2007. Sweet Pea is 7 years old; a dark bay with a white blaze and white socks. When she was first rescued she was at a foster barn. She was covered with manure, her weight was on the thin side, her feet were long and curled, and she had a twitch in her head movement. In the spring of 2008, Sweet Pea came to the Rescue. She was nervous and still not too trusting. It is believed she is another of Eclipse’s babies. With proper nutritional supplements, she no longer twitches her head and she is very trusting. With lots of work, brushing, and handling, Sweet Pea has settled into quite a smart moving horse. She knows showmanship and lunges at a walk, trot, and canter. She has worked with a bridle, surcingle and an English saddle. Sweet Pea has had a potato sacking over the saddle to get used to the weight on her back.Sweet Pea is 13 hands at present, and with continued vitamin and mineral supplements, one would expect she will grow to 13- 14.3 hands. Many of the volunteers, aging from 11 years old to adult age have worked with her, with the Rescue’s trainer’s advice. Sweet Pea has been adopted.


Flame, a paint, was rescued needing a lot of attention to her feet and body. As an alpha
mare she wasn’t one of the worst cases in the way of weight, however she didn’t have a
sheltered area and was trying to get as much food as possible before being rescued. Flame has since been adopted and is doing well as a trail horse. She receives much deserved attention.


Shay, a Percheron, was rescued and she needed to add significant weight. As well,
she was living outside in the elements and needed a lot of human interaction to get
her back to being a socialized horse. A lot of care went into getting her up to
speed but she is doing well. Shay went back to her original home based on the
agreement with her adopter.


Sundance is a Fresian/Walker cross and came to us as a two year old stallion.
He didn’t have adequate shelter and wasn’t sure how to interact with humans
or other horses. When the weather broke, we had him gelded. He also needed
a lot of attention to his feet and is now receiving routine farrier care.
He is eating well and being trained and is turning out to be a wonderful riding
horse. He has been adopted and is loving his new life.


Mariah was also part of the large Ashland rescue, which involved removing seven horses out of inhumane conditions where they were living in filthy stalls and left unattended for a substantial time frame In conjunction with a local humane society in December, 2007. Mariah has become a good trail horse and has been adopted.


Dottie also was a part of the large Ashland rescue, which involved removing seven horses out of inhumane conditions where they were living in filthy stalls and left unattended for a substantial time frame In conjunction with a local humane society in December, 2007. She had poor nutrition and hoof care, and also was diagnosed with a hernia.  The hernia has since been repaired, and Dottie is on her way to becoming a good trail horse.  She has been adopted.


Nacho was rescued in 2009, and is a saddlebred horse.  Nacho was a show horse before coming to the rescue, and his show name was “A Notch Above”.  When rescued, he was very thin, and showed signs of poor nutrition and hoof care.  Nacho has been adopted, and is now enjoying large pastures, great care and is being lightly ridden.


Cheyenne is a paint, and came to the rescue from a situation where she had no shelter, she was not being fed properly, and she needed hoof care.  We have enjoyed our time with Cheyenne, and she is now a solid pleasure horse.  Cheyenne has been adopted.


Angel is a beautiful Thoroughbred mare, and has done some racing. Angel’s previous owner worked her hard at her stable, and then put her back into her stall improperly cooled. Finally, her owner abandoned her, and the stable owner couldn’t continue feeding her for free. She was very underweight, and the Rescue was called.

Angel has lunged well, and is ridden at a walk, trot and canter.  She has beautiful movement and has worked both English and Western.  She is also learning barrel racing. She has been in several fun shows and shines in contest classes.  Angel is definitely for a high intermediate to advanced level rider.  She loves to work!  She has a hard time separating herself from food in her stall, and will challenge you a bit to try to get her from her food. She is no longer underweight and has put on several hundred pounds and a lot of muscles since being at the Rescue.  Angel has been adopted.


Shadow was rescued in the summer of 2007 from a farm and was destined for auction. Shadow is almost black (actually a dark bay). He has a very sweet face with a very small white star on his forehead.  Shadow is between 16.2 to 16.3 hands and was growing like a weed.  His breed is 1/2 Thoroughbred and 1/2 Standardbred.  He is very loving and likes to work on the lungeline.  He walks, trots and canters. He has had a bridle with a snaffle bit on and a surcingle and a Western and English saddle.  He is extremely green broke and would take a very advanced rider and/or trainer to polish him off.  He has nice gaits but did have a bucking issue.  We are happy that he has found a loving home.



Blondie is 12 years old, and is a Palamino Quarter horse-type.  Blondie came from a situation where she received little care and had some foot issues.  She is now doing great, and has become a sound riding horse.

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