About Us

Angels Haven Horse Rescue’s mission is to save as many unfortunate victims of the horse world as we humanly can. In some instances we have to purchase the horses to remove them from harm’s way. To that end, we provide care for abused, abandoned, neglected, aged and unwanted horses or those horses that can no longer be cared for by their owners for whatever reason. We accept them in any condition and do everything in our power to provide needed care and veterinary services.

Our goal is to help make the future for horses better than their past experiences. We want to be a hub of education in humane horse care and training methods, alternative therapies, horse rehabilitation and rescue. Every day young horses in their prime are starved to death, abused or sent to slaughter. It is our goal to prevent this from occurring. The only way to stop the suffering is to teach people better ways of caring for their horses. Our organization’s desire is to be a place for horses to become healthy and move on to have happy, productive lives and permanent loving homes. 

Here at the rescue we work with various organizations such as the Girl and Boy Scouts, helping them earn their horse badge, as well as 4H Clubs, Indian Guides & Princesses, local disaster teams, Kiwanis organizations, Farm Bureau, Horseman’s Councils, Youth Outdoors, preschoolers and many more groups and community affiliations.

Please call us to set up an event. We will be glad to teach and work with you and your group by providing a better understanding of these fine animals.

Angels Haven will provide them with what they deserve – TO LIVE A HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE!!

You may send donations to help our cause to :

Angels Haven Horse Rescue 13297 Durkee Rd. Grafton, Ohio 44044

  You can contact co-founders Heidi or Mindy any time at:

440-781-5060 Heidi

440-781-5050 Mindy

Angels Haven Horse Rescue is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and your donations may be tax deductible.

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