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 Angel underwent surgery at Ohio State University to correct a foot issue in November, 2011.  Before she was rescued, she had been a race horse, and they didn’t properly take care of her feet.   Angel recently acquired a rare condition in all four feet, with one in particular being so bad it needed immediate attention or it could have been life threatening.  Under vet and blacksmith advisement, the prognosis drove further invasive action.  OSU’s Equine Center was familiar with the condition in draft horses and we took her there for surgery.  Angel had surgery on all four feet on November 18th and another on one foot November 22nd.  (See photos from the surgery here.)  She returned to the rescue on November 28th and is doing great. Angel receives routine bandage changes and is progressing very well.  She is enjoying more soundness in her feet and we are grateful to the veterinarians at OSU who provided excellent care and continue to lend expert advice throughout her healing process. While the medical expenses are growing and significant, the gift of providing Angel with a normal, healthy life is even greater.  If you are interested in helping with her medical expenses which will include further treatment and maintenance at the rescue facility, we set up a fund in her honor named

“Angels Fund”!

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Save the Horses Bracelet

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Scarf Set, or

Tote with “Special Angel” embroidery (see photo)

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Horse Blanket, or

Hoodie with “Special Angel” embroidery (see photo)

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A gift from the $50 and $5 Donation Categories.

Angels Fund


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